Saturday, July 19, 2008

Local Kudos- kids haircuts~

I have decided to begin my own little local reviews- so occasionally you may see a rant or a kudo given for a local business.

I had an awesome experience at the MATC school here in Spanish Fork (by ALA charter school). I had a client come in with the cutest GLITTER GEL TOES, and she paid only 15 bucks for it. She got them done at the school, so I called and they got me in the next day- plus they take late appointmets! Love it!

When I was there (my toes were so gosh darn cute, and lasted 6 weeks!) I noticed boys haircuts were 4 BUCKS! Hello! I have 3 sons- that is a miracle to me. I scheduled an appointment for my oldest- but when we came back and my younger 2 saw the cute girls cutting hair they whining for haircuts, too. The instructor at the front desk was so nice. She smiled and said "we would love to work them in!" and before I knew it my boys all had their hair cut, for under 15 bucks! We tipped the girls (who were super friendly to my boys) and left. I was thrilled! They do all sorts of services, but I can recommend the glitter toes and kids cuts. Here is the number.... MATC Cosmetology 492-2968.


CB2 said...

Glitter toes here I COME!

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

I am so glad you went, I had a good experience there too. I am needing to go back. My friend got the red and it looked so cute, so maybe I will try that.