Friday, October 10, 2008

Desperate Times call for....

Desperate measures.

I have waited 10 months to do it, and today is the day. It is up to me to complete the assignments of young children that will have parents and grandparents alike beaming with joy and pride.

That's right, it is time for our Primary Program.

I thought I would work a little on this every month, making it one easy thing to tie together at the end of the year, HOWEVER in true Burton fashion I have waited until the last minute. We are reviewing the program as a presidency in church on Sunday. (Molly, don't tell anyone I am such a procrastinator !) SOOOO..................

I am armed today with a 44 oz Diet Dr. Pepper (am I not drinking soda?), croissant sandwiches left over from last night, in my Jimmie Johnson pj's (much to Mike's dismay- he is a FORD fan) with unwashed hair and traces of make-up clinging on. I am at the computer and cannot leave until I am done. (oh!!! the blogging and Facebook temptations. Wicked wicked world!!!)

I am messy and focused.

It is how I work best.


Kristina P. said...

Hey, I prepare the same way! And I'm not even in Primary.

I'm excited to meet you tomorrow!

Brittany said...

Hahahaha! That's awesome. I'm pretty sure our Primary People have stopped preparing the kids to sing songs in programs because in the last 2 programs, NONE of the kids sang. NONE. They all just stood there while the piano played and the music leader was frantically trying to make them sing. LOL!
PS: I love your vacation pictures!

Jillene said...

My kids have already received their parts. Zach has to make his into a talk--gotta take care of that today and Hannah is freaking out because her part is long. Good Luck!!

*MARY* said...

There's got to be some programs you could borrow online.
Just click print and you're done!

Anonymous said...

Want to borrow my magic hat?...check out my post it will explain......... oh, temptations, temptations better not.... stick with your plan and GOOD LUCK!

Shannon said...

Just delegate to your 1st counselor. That's what my pres always did :)
here's two parts you can have
Ashlynn: The Holy Ghost will prompt me to repent and live righteously after I am baptized and confirmed.
Reese: 2 Nephi 4:15 My soul delighteth in the scriptures, my heart pondereth them and writeth them for the learning and profit of my children.

Actually I'm not sure if that exactly them...that's just how I have them memorized from trying to get them to learn them.

Whitney R said...

Oh blogging takes TONS of my time too.

Way to go on the program, can't wait to hear about it!

And I love the image you've painted. haha

Whitney R said...

Oh yeah! Can you do dinner next Friday night?

Lisa said...

oh the dread primary program. Why do parents love this so much? I have to admit, both as a parent and as a 16 year primary veteran, I HATE primary program sunday. Its just not part of MY program.
Great Attitude, eh?

Wendyburd1 said...

As a NON-parent, but former nursery/sunbeam teacher, I LOATHED the Primary Program, but as a spectator, the singing IS cute...the talking, or trying to talk...that's when you "pray" with your head on the pew in front of you!

Awwww...I'm never going to live in utah or idaho (NEVER!LOL), so I sad, unless you ALL wanna spend a cajillion dollars to fly to CT for some Olive Garden or Outback. :(
Saddddd! Take pictures together, so I can have them too, and go "that's crazy Ramona, and there's Whit, and that's Kristina...without her face stuck to Twilight..."!

CB2 said...

I have always hated the primary program. I blamed it on being childless, we'll see what happens now, I'm thinking it is still going to drag on forever.

Kids who are somehow at every primary program;

The girl who is way too proud of herself for memorizing the scripture and screams into the mic 3 centimeters from it.

The kid who is in the wrong place behind someone taller and can't be seen.

The kid who talks so fast with a weird speech impediment you have no idea what he said.

At least three kids whose parents convinced them into thinking they are Mariah Carey at age 7 and practically shout every song.

A group of kids who have parents with a horrendous twisted sense of style.

A homemade dress with matching bow that looks right out of the 1985 JC Penny "I love ruffles" section.

Some serious nasal congestion.

And boys who leap off the top step like they are in a gymnasium and then grin about it like we actually had been hoping someone would prove they could leap an entire 2 death defying feet.

I think you should start the program with all of the kids in the foyers, As the piano started playing "follow the prophet", the kids could come in single file from both doors, they could do the wedding march down the aisles, maybe holding their scriptures over their heads, and sacrament trays or tithing envelopes! A little coordinated syncopated swaying and you'd be there!

I'm making this really long because I really don't like these programs.

One year I started doing American Idol style critiques on every kid that got up, but I called it "So You Want To Be A Sunbeam!?" I was talking under my breath to Kristen and her sister. It got so bad I had to leave the chapel I was laughing too hard to hide it.

So with that, good luck! I'm sure you feel inspired and confident! And yes half of the congregation is blaming you for having to sit through it, just in case you were wondering.


nooo pressure

mcranford said...

Just breathe. It will all work out, and be as cute as can be. And remember that you do have counselors that are willing to help. Just a phone call away!!

Lisa said...

cb2 don't forget the Beauty Pageant Contestants with Sausage Curls!

ramsam said...

Okay- so funny!

I am all done, it only took an hour because we have a booklet we get that has every topic we cover over the year, so it was just a matter of formatting it.

But your that makes me laugh. That is why the programs are so great- the kids make us all laugh!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Just looking at your site for the first time and had to laugh. I'm the primary president and our program is in two weeks. We have our big "dress rehearsal" tomorrow. On a "regular" Sunday, I come home with post-primary exhaustion and need a nap and some chocolate, so I imagine the next two weeks could require a little therapy, but I keep reminding myself that the parents will only pay attention to their own kid anyway, so if they look cute and don't do anything dire, it's all good. Good luck with yours!

Me said...

It was good to meet you today..along with everyone else!!

Lisa said...

It was great to meet you too today. You are adorable. Good luck with the Primary Program. It's ok if you procrastinate. Most every one does!

Jo said...

Hey there! Cute pic of you too.

Kristina P. said...

Ramona, it was so fun to meet you! You are absolutely gorgeous!

And you know that scene you were telling us was in The Duchess? Yep. Totally there. Not at ALL uncomfortable.

Erin said...

Just found you from Kristina's blog. I'm excited to be your newest blog stalker!

Good luck with the Primary program! When it's over, take a good, long nap.

Jessica G. said...

Hey, ramsam! I think I might have a little bit of a blogger crush on you now...can I be your stalker? ;)

Teresa said...

At our primary program last week one of the little sunbeams grabbed the microphone and pushed everyone else out of the way and sang a solo. It was AWESOME. Then she looked out in the audience and saw me (I was her nursery teacher for a year and a half) and she gave me a little shout out, "HI TEACHER!" It was the best p.program ever. Hope something unexpected happens for you. Shake things up a bit.
HEY - Did you meet up with some blogstalking friends? I want to come next time.