Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

You may have noticed the lovely new very braggy pics in the side bar. Of course you have seen the photos of the Sacred Grove below.....but the next few photos will leave you green with envy, and you will surely see this was the vacation of a lifetime.

This is a piece of cake I acquired in Downtown Boston. They had a huge old marble building , complete with rotunda and balcony, that was filled with food vendors of every sort. All I cared about was the cake. I wrapped it up so I could sit down and enjoy in the car.
Are you jealous yet?

What about if I show you my moment of personal growth. Yes, these are the shoes.
I bought the cool Merrill boots you see on my feet (so comfy- like walking on weatherproof cloud, if there is such a thing) and couldn't bear to throw my old clunkers away. They sat on the backseat for days while we drove around. On our last day I noticed the very charitable option for myself. I found the courage to scream "Stop!" and we pulled to a halt.... the rest is history. I hope they like clunky shoes in Africa because these are special to me.

Last but not Least......

We used the self timer and a nearby bench to capture the quaint beauty of this Adirondack Lake, only to find a surprise waiting on the bench with the camera.

Yea. that's right. Someone's teeth were left here.
I am pretty sure there is a tour bus full of cotton-heads somewhere in New England that has one disappointed passenger. That sour dough bread is going to be tough to bite into now. But it sure makes for a fabulous vacation.

Am I just the luckiest girl alive, or what.

You guys should all come on vacation with me next time and you, too, can experience such fabulous moments.


*MARY* said...

What if a bunch of punk kids break into the shoe house and steal all the shoes? What if?
That cake looks good, so do the teeth.

Wendyburd1 said...

Mmmmm cake!! Ewwwww teeth! What is a cotton-head?! You are brave to part with shoes...I have problems getting rid of anything ...let alone shoes!!

Jillene said...

I am so proud of you with the whole shoe thing!! You have inspired me to get rid of some of my old clunkers/favorites. I think I will give them to my parents--they are on an inner-city mission in downtown SLC and work with a lot of African refugees----DONE!! See what a GREAT example you are?!

Marie said...

O.K.. Does Mike believe in plural marriage? Cuz I'm about to leave billy and marry him(if ya let me) just for the "vay-cay's" :)
BTW.. Good job on the "drop & drag"!!
L, Marie

Mommy Madness said...

Look at your purdy self with that BIG chocolate cake!.....Your shoes gone, good step, that just means room for more...The teeth, ewwww!.... Love vay-cays, let go!

ramsam said...

Cotton -heads are senior citizens with beautiful white hair- in a nice way, of course.

Mike keeps saying it would be fun to plan a trip with another couple or some friends. Imagine his glee when I say "Don't worry! All my bloggin buds are coming this time!"

Kristina P. said...

If those were somebody's actual teeth, that they were supposed to put in their mouth, I hate to see what the rest of them looked like.

annette said...

Ramona why must you torture me with that cake? (I am on a no sugar diet)
But I must say that the teeth made me loose my appetite a bit (;
you and mike are so cute.

Miss Tiff said...

Hey Sis, You look super cute in that picture with the cake and the cake looks delicious.

Those teeth just gross me out.

I have some Q's about your trip, but I sent it to your facebook e-mail.

Wendy said...

the vacation looks fun, but what I am so jealous about are those teeth!

Shannon said...

Reemona! I may have seemed mysterioulsy absent from you comment section lately, but I am here, I am here. It seems whenever I sit down to type Josie slams on the keyboard and somehow shuts everything down. Well she's in bed so let me say.

AWESOME Vacation. TOTALLY jones-n jealous. Mike = RAD photog's. And SWEET shoe/cake shopping.

I miss you guys! We may come down for Thanksgiving!

slytrifecta said...

Will you consider me a bloggin buddy even though I DON'T blog and just stalk?

MJ said...

Okay, the teeth are SOOOO disgusting. I don't know what it is about dental work that sicks me out so much, but EWWWWW! I almost can't even look at that delicious chocolate-y cake without thinking about those very decayed looking teeth biting into it. Weird!
The other pictures, however, are awesome! Mike should be a professional :) You just have to love vacations!

ramsam said...

I know the teeth are so sick, right?

Funny thing was, I took like 5 pictures to make sure we got a good shot of them. This was the first one we took. Obviously, we captured the moment successfully.

So said...

I just laughed and laughed at those teeth. Poor toothless person somewhere. Maybe they didn't get to enjoy the cake because they couldn't find their teeth.

Who takes their teeth out on a park bench anyway? Except for that old man in the pixar short playing chess with himself for the teeth.

I'm new. Found you through Kristina.

Christine said...

Great pictures!

ramsam said...

Friends I must clarify-

MIKE took this picture. (just in case he checks my blog anytime soon)