Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baptism Saturday

There are many things I love about religion. Rituals and ordinances are some of those things. I find great comfort in the timeline of completeing ordinances in our lifetime, and I also find the symbolism of all we do especially inspiring. Baptism is no exception of symbolism and importance in it's rite of passage.

Being Primary President allows me to witness these amazing little children tip toe into a font reaching out to a hand of someone they love. It always touches me, but never so much as when it is my own child. Parker chose to be baptized by his cousin Thomas (Melanie's oldest son,) and had Mike confirm him. This turned out to be so overwhelming and spiritual. The sharing of the day with my sister and her family- and the chance my kids had to see someone they look up to so much perform the baptism was profound.

One of my favorite things about this day is the bond it forms between me and my kids. It has always been a great day, and my kids tend to stay close to me, hugging me and sitting near me, obviously feeling an increase of love in their happiness. Parker was very affectionate and many times during the day wrapped his arms around me, saying "I love you, Mommy". It makes me realize how sensitive our kids really are to these tender feelings of light and truth.

I shared some advice with Parker. I reminded him to pay attention to the feeling he gets when he is baptized and confirmed. Those deep feelings of happiness and self-worth are seeds of our eternal nature. Those seeds are the stirrings of truth, and when you feel those in your life you never need someone else to tell you what to do- for you will be inspired from within to live the life you are meant to live. I am grateful for a belief that allows me to live, and teach, the idea of eternal worth.

I am more gratful that the actions and decisions of a child can inspire us to be better. I realize I have such a long way to go.

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kris and cathy said...

CUTE!!! I absolutely LOVED that post. It inspired me! Thomas - aaaw, that's so great that he got to be part of that. Parker is growing up! Wow. Eight years and I hope to have a post like that!!

Love you!