Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I talked to Dave Ramsey

Ummmm hello, he is kind of hot in this picture, right? (Thanks Cassie, for agreeing with me!) My husband disagrees, and said attending one Total Money Makeover Live event is enough..... I simply suggested we travel and see him again, that's all. The show was AWESOME..... okay, back to topic. I will not become a Dave Ramsey groupie.

I responded to an e-mail about working moms that stay home, and got a call from his office. Lara hooked me up to talk to Dave, which I did today, while pictures of the kids and our family scrolled on air. What a cool thing- to have listened to him for over a year and a half, and now I got to talk to him and be part of his message. It was a pretty fulfilling moment. He was complimentary and excited, and thinks my massages are cheap (hey- 40 bucks is kind of a lot around here!) and I was thrilled to be on the show.

We are still working on our debt snowball, working on the last debt... our second mortgage. I can't wait until the day comes that I am screaming in his ear on that phone... "We're Debt Free !!!!" . Today was just a taste of that goal.

Thanks Fox Business and Lampo for calling me and letting me in on the show. It airs Labor Day, on the Fox Business Network (which Spanish Fork cable doesn't carry) if you get it.....let me know! Until then I am just doing the happy dance.

I got to talk to Dave.


Marie said...

That is so awesome , Love that you got to talk to DAVE! I wish I could see it but we have SF cable too !
And I totally get your "crush" I think James Taylor(singer) is so FINE!!! And he is a old, bald guy too!
Take care , Marie

annette said...

that is so cool! We are working on our "total money make over" too. And I was thinking about going to buy a new outfit for the reunion, that is until I read this blog entry now I feel to guilty!! I will just have to look out of style on friday. and it is all your fault. (:

Rindee said...

You are famous!

ramsam said...

Well- so I always have had a 'thing' for older guys.... but the truth is Dave isn't that much older than me.
What happened?

Anyway....it has been a good day- and my sis is taping the show next week (I owe her a favor!).

More happy dance.

Kristen said...

Awesome Ramona, a dream come true. Does this mean your computer is alive again, or did you find another outlet? I've missed your comments.

Marly said...

Hi, you don't know me but I saw your comment on seriously so blessed. Anyway, I started a blog specifically so I can talk about Dave Ramsey's plan. I am obsessed and I want everyone else to do it too. I haven't blogged about it yet. I figured I'd draw my family and friends in with my cute kids and then I'd get them. Thanks for sending the message too.

skiba motorsports said...

Did you see that his LIVE EVENT is coming to SLC again in MAY 2009.