Friday, August 22, 2008

While you were sleeping....

Stupid computers. Stupid "Antivirus 2009". Stupid Dell- not sending out an XP disk with the computer. Stupid Technology.

My computer is down.... I like to say 'sleeping' because I am trying to use The Secret to fix it (hasn't happened yet) and keep positive that someone will show up able to fix it.

I have missed my online therapy. I miss my friends and family. I miss funny comments.

HOWEVER my laundry is caught up and my floor is vacuumed. Hmmmm. Should I draw a conclusion here?


CB2 said...

floors and laundry, highly overrated, clothes just get dirty again and you have to walk all over the floor.

The Lovell's said...

I am so excited that I found your blog! I love being able to keep in touch with my friends this way!
I feel your pain about computers - I just went through something similar. One tiny little *click* is all it took to DESTROY my best friend. (Okay, so the computer isn't really my BEST friend, but it is a very close 2nd...) Matt, understanding my addiction, had his computer geeks up at the University rebuild it. Thankfully it only took a day and a half. However, I'm still trying to convert all my files so that I can use them. It's annoying, and frustrating! But at least I have my buddie back. I hope you are able to get your's fixed soon!

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast yet?? I can't wait to see it! We are coming down Friday to go. Hope to see you there!!

ramsam said...

Ummm, Okay.
Stupid me.
In trying to be 'smart' and outfool the spyware program, it looks like I deleted something needed for startup.

And who knew you were supposed to mae a re-boot dosk when you got computer? Really! Do I look techno savvy to you?