Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things that kind of freak me out

~School shopping in general. Kind of a rite of passage in and of itself, but also a lot of trying on, negotiating the 'weird' items, whining, and even picking up of children who lay on the floor and try to 'fall asleep real quick' while I find their size. Boys.

~ My oldest son is buying school clothes in real stores. (You know, Aeropostle, American Eagle, etc.) It is weird to be in there with the teens, everyone texting and giggling and smearing on lipgloss. I want to just yell "Run, Bambi, run! You are too young for this world!" I miss Children's Place.

~ My 20th year reuinion. Can you say 'denial'? Complete, total, utterly unabashed denial. Please tell me I don't look as old as everyone else (but I know I do). Seems like just last year I was applying blue eyeliner and using Aqua Net to keep my poufy bangs in place, while discussing crushes with my BF. 20 years? Scary.

~How tired I am. I sleep in, I want to nap, I want to be massaged and pampered. I want a maid. I don't want to do those dishes...... I am tired.

I keep telling myself school will start and I will find my good productive groove again. At this point I am actually praying it will happen...... I kind of need a miracle.


Brittany said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think I will have to stop allowing anonymous comments... :p

I had my 10 yr reunion last year. *sigh* It was just yesterday that I was listening to Chumbawumba and protesting "Titanic" at the theaters. :)

annette said...

It only get worse from here. teenagers? we were never dumb like the Kids today. HAHA wasn't it yesterday that I let you cut my hair with the biggest scissors on earth, and pierce my ear with a sewing machine needle? Yikes! what were we thinking?