Sunday, August 31, 2008

In a Mess

Am I the only who has ever walked into a friend's perfectly clean house and felt sick? Looking around and knowing that waiting for me back home is a pile of laundry, sink full of dishes, and upstairs bathroom that is more like a spook alley display.

For anyone else who has ever had that happen, you should come see me today. You would feel happy. Very, very happy. Over the weekend my house has become a dump, and I kind of don't care enough to do anything about it.

Today is a day of rest. I will worry about it tomorrow.


CB2 said...

What's worse is when people drop by and you have no good excuse to not let them come in as you hope they don't notice 2 weeks worth of mail piled on the table or look at the floor. The bishop and his wife came by, which was very sweet, I actually had to pick up an old band aid that was sitting right in front of the chair she was going to sit in... what kind of person leaves old band aids laying around? I am pretending they didn't notice.

Brittany said...

One time I forgot to de-fur the front room couch before the visiting teachers came over. After the visit was over, she got up and turned around and there was fur ALL over the back of her. I thought "Maybe she won't notice." :p

The Raybould Family said...

Hi!! I love when people come out of the closet. So nice to meet you. I've seen your comments as well. I'm going to add you to my blogging list.

When I go into peoples homes I usually notice if it's finished. Like, if the trim has been caulked and puddied. If they have paint that needs to be touched up. Why? Because ALL of those things need to be done at my house.

Shannon said...

I love the spook alley comment. Do you ever hit your head on that pipe at 4 a.m. when you're so tired but you couldn't stay in bed any longer because your blatter was going to burst? That's what I was wondering.
BUT...maybe you're always expecting me...but your house always looks cute to me. I never notice messes when I come over!

Carey said...

I am so with you on the bathroom issue. Ok so little boys going pee in the middle of the night is not the best thing for a clean smell in the morning. I think more ended up on the floor than in the toilet. I actually gave him the clorox wipes and said "it's your job buddy"

annette said...

if you come to my house you will feel great!

ramsam said...

I have this little adsense at the top of my blog, and it is so funny to see what it advertises when I blog.....after this one, it had a ad running for cool sinks and tubs that stay clean.
Very funny.
I guess the ads are for me.