Monday, August 11, 2008

Yet another thing my children will never appreciate me for

Cute kittens, lots of pee and poop.

Unlike the house I grew up in, we don't ignore urine, and someone must clean it up. I have spent many a night crawling on the floor, sniffing around (ohh! now that's a fun job) and scrubbing and drying and spraying with carpet foam. ( I have actually found that Pine-Sol removes pet odor quicker and better than almost anything else we have tried).

Can I get a holler, please?
Does this not make up for the bad mom moments and brownies snuck in the car? And to think, my kids give me a blank stare when I ask them to put the cats out.... "why do I have to do it?" they almost always say.

Hey kid- you want to switth jobs, here?


annette said...

I feel your pain! my kids are cleaning bedrooms today. they are going on three hours now. and they are not that messy! I have now cleaned three bathrooms, the kitchen, and cleaned up after the dogs. in the same amount of time. makes me crazy!

kris and cathy said...

HAHA! Yes, I could picture you doing that and I give you accolades, my dear. Well done for doing something that people won't even do for money.

Brittany said...

I don't have kids, so I'll complain about my cat, Parley P. Cat. I took out my belt the other day and found that he had chewed on it. There are little tiny teeth marks on it and everything. GROSS! I didn't know cats did that.