Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My TV tips for YOU

If you don't get the Fox Business network, here is the link to my phone call on the show.


Complete with my nephews head bouncing around and me and my sisters sighing. A few TV tips to you from me;

Don't say "you know" before everything. Like, "You know Dave, I am all about money..." Do I say that a lot when I talk? (Why didn't I notice before?)

Don't sniff. I do this a lot, so I blew my nose REALLY well before the call connected to Dave and after that I let it drip. I didn't notice a lot of sniffling, and that made me happy.

Don't be sad if your voice sounds dorky. I thought I'd be so clever and funny, but in reality, I am just another dorky caller excited to talk to a man who has convinced them to stop spending money. (Does that even make sense?)

Enjoy the moment of glory. Dave said I was "taking control of my destiny". I'll take that as a compliment.


Adam and Kristina said...

Ramona, I've seen you commenting recently, on two of my cyber-BFF's blogs (Raybould Family, and Brittany), so I thought I would check yours out.

That's great you've been able to be successful at this. I desperately need a massage right now.

I actually got into mystery shopping about 3 years ago. Most of the things you hear about are scams, but not if you do it right. I was making about $1,500 a month doing it. I have really cut back a ton, as I got burned out, but it can be lucrative.

Hope you don't mind I stalked you!

Miss Tiff said...

Hey Ramona! I love the home made video clip! Classic!

You are doing so awesome with your finances. Congratulations, it's so cool to see a family member change thier roots! You sounded great on the show and the pictures looked awesome too.

Christy said...

How exciting to be able to talk to someone you look up to and has helped you change your life. My question is, how hard was it to change your lifestyle, or did you even have to? My husband and I are desperatley wanting to get out of consumer debt but are having a really hard time changing our bad habits. Do you have any tips? Your story and the others on youtube are great to listen to and very inspirational but I need more concrete help.

Adam and Kristina said...

We can definitely stalk each other. I will add you to my blogroll right now. It's a SSB stalk/love fest!

If you feel up to it, you should come to my meet and greet in October. I think Brittany and Whitney are planning on attending.

Jillene said...

That was AWESOME!! I love that you say "you know" a lot because I do the same thing!

I love that you are a massage therapist! Massages are my FAVORITE! My 3 pregnancies messed me up pretty good.

I am so glad that you checked out my blog! I love yours and will be a frequent looker! We can also be blog bff's! Glad to see that Kristina found you too--she's great!!

The Raybould Family said...

You sounded so smart and knowledgable in the subject of making money from home! And your voice sounded really good, too. You didn't sound dorky.

I would love a way to make money from home now. After I graduate I'm going to go back to school and take 5 classes to get certified for medical billing and coding. I'll be able to work from home part time or full time and make really good money. But that wont happen for another 2 years probably.

It's great you've found something you like doing!

Kristina... I'm going to email you about the mystery shopper thing.