Wednesday, September 3, 2008

15 years of Laundry

Today marks my 15th anniversary. It feels strange because it really is just another day- including a phone call to calm down an unruly child who wouldn't listen before school.
I thought I might get on and say 15 great things about my husband, but they would all be pretty sappy like: I love that you tuck me in and kiss me while I am still sleeping every morning when you leave for work ;-)
so you can see, no one wants to read all of that. I'll save it for the Halmark.

Instead I am making a pledge. I pledge to do extra loads of laundry today. I promise, for anyone who knows me, this is a big deal. We have had more fights and hurt feelings over laundry than any other domestic issue. So today, in honor of our marriage, I will wash, fold, AND put away.

I was going to pledge to 15 loads... but hey... we must be realistic here. It's not like this is THAT big of a deal.


Jillene said...

That is so funny! Laundry is my NEMESIS!

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 11th on August 15th--I should have done laundry too. Oh well I guess taking him to the Castle Creek Inn will have to do for this year. But next year--it's laundry for sure!!

Brittany said...

Wow, congrats! You have 8 years on me. This year is the Seven Year Itch for us. I don't feel itchy though. :)

Adam and Kristina said...

Adam does almost all the laundry. I think he hates it, but it works for us I guess. He doesn't really complain.

Congrats on the 15 years of wedded bliss!

windsor said...

Hey Babe, it's the Hubby. I love you for ALL that you do, and all that you put up with from me, but especially for the 15 loads of laundry you are going to do today. It return, I will post this on your blog which, as you know, is a big step for me, my first blog entry.

I am really thankful for the last 15 years, including the bad and the ugly. Without those, everyday would have been just another day. But when Life is as good as it is today, I look forward to tomorrow. And that when I look back, I know I made the best decision I have ever made 15 years ago. I love our life together. 'What would I do, if I couldn't find the Me in You'? You are the Best, and I LOVE YOU!

The Raybould Family said...

How SWEET!!! Your husband left a comment. I wish I could get mine to. Well, I guess maybe on our 15... soo 13 1/2 more years to go.

It takes me forever to do laundry.... I don't know what's going to happen when I have kids and laundry triples. I already do like 7 separate loads for my husband. When I used to do 3 when I was single.

Happy 15th anniversary! And happy Laundry Day!

slytrifecta said...

First, Mike is such a sweetheart. I really love him.

Second, I love that you blog often because checking it is part of my morning routine.

Third, I love that you love your life!!!! I said to Jeff once, I am so jealous of Ramona. I would love to be completely content with my life and not have any major issues going on. And you know what the last couple of years have been like for me.

Fourth, Guess what I woke up a few days ago and realized I AM THERE. Super happy, super content, and "seriously, so blessed".

Fifth, Congrats on 15 years.

Sixth, for your anniversary you should get another washer and dryer. Laundry would go so much quicker.

I want to start stalking your new stalkers. Send me there link.


ramsam said...

What the heck? Now I am getting all mushy over all of these awesome comments, especially from my honey... except, remember babe, I am NOT doing 15 loads today.... just to clarify.

And in case you weren't already envious of my laundry filled day, I just finished at the dentist (son with a toothache) and NEXT I get to go to a soccer game, and THEN it is chinese food at TSing Tao's. (my fave local place)

Am I so lucky, or what???

ramsam said...

Hey honey, you scored MAJOR points for leaving a comment.

*wink * wink*

Jillene said...

What a hunk-a-hunk-o-burnin'-love! I wish my hubby would leave a comment on my blog too (right there with ya Whitney!).

Christy said...

15 years, that's like a lifetime these days. Congrats. I hate laundry, I don't mind washing, drying and folding put I HATE putting it away.

Shannon said...

LAUNDRY???? Whoa, you are in love. Mike you lucky duck.

Hope the loads went well!

Miss Tiff said...

Hey ramona, congrats on 15 years. I know laundry is a big deal for you, so way to go!

CB2 said...

I am so proud of Mike for posting...

Congratulations.... what a great great great (I was going to say great 15 times just to be cheesy) post

Good luck on the laundry.

When I was on my mission and despised a companion my president told me to do some service for him and I would learn to love those I served. The next morning I ironed his shirt for him while he thought I was just ironing mine... he came in and got mad and asked what was taking so long... I could've ironed his face and been happy about it. Laundry can get ugly.