Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Totally What not to Wear

I know, I know..... these shoes are a staple in the lives of Utah mommies everywhere..... and last night I dug mine out of my closet and wore them out. Keep in mind, these in the picture are actually the cool Born brand.... mine were a knock off buy at Payless, at least 5 years ago. They are scufffed and worn, and slide on like a warm friendly glove.

I saw an episode of What not to Wear where the mom had the EXACT pair. To my horror Stacy and Clinton had the biggest laugh over them. I believe names like "sheep herder" and "clod hoppers" were involved.

My sister Krisi called me... "Those are YOUR shoes!" We laughed and laughed and I told her maybe it is time to throw them away.... but I never did. They are SOOOOO easy to slip on and off. I love these shoes.

Now it is fall in Utah. What does Stacy expect of a girl like me. I am wearing comfy jeans and a hoodie out and about. It is raining, muddy, and there are smushed leaves on the ground. Am I going to wear heels to the soccer game? I think not. Ballet Flats? Give me a break- the top of my foot would freeze. Tennis Shoes? Do I want to look like Jerry Seinfield- or better yet- a senior citizen on vacation? What's a girl to do? My cute Sketchers are so thin I can't wear socks with them, and the back of my jeans drag when I wear them. I am sorry- but a woman has got to be practical some days.

I have been shopping to look for an alternative many times. Anything that catches my eye looks like what I am already wearing. So for now, Stacy and Clinton can just shove it. I am wearing these loafers with pride.
The best $12.99 I have spent 5 years.


Adam and Kristina said...

I am an avid WNTW fan, and I have to agree with Stacy and Clinton. Those shoes have seen better days.

They are OK with "sneakers." I own about 4 pairs, none of them white or Jerry Seinfeldish.

P.S. Did you see him in the commercial with Bill Gates? What the *ell was that??? Oh, Jerry.

Brittany said...

I saw the Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates commercial yesterday. WTF?

Those kinda remind me of Sister Missionary Shoes. (Although they do look comfortable!) But at least they're not crocs. Crocs are Dead to Me.

The Raybould Family said...

I think those look surprisingly in good shape for being as old as they are. And 12 bucks. You got a steal, my friend. Don't toss them, cause you might (literally) need them for a rainy day.

Saw the commercial.... not quite sure, I read an article on the inuendo's that might be behind it. I refuse to believe it!!

Shannon said...

don't fall for the trap!
I have thrown things out thinking...Stacy and Clinton would never let me have this. And then, there I am a couple weeks later going through my closet and drawers and dirty laundry trying to find that perfect - COMFORTABLE - and convenient article of clothing. Only to remember...crap. I threw it out.

slytrifecta said...

I wore those exact shoes yesterday to Savvy's soccer game. We should go shoe shopping together....SOON!!!

Jillene said...

When you are a mom--comfort is most important. I make sure that my kids dress very well and have nice shoes while I on the other hand always look like the garbage lady. Keep the shoes--you will regret it if you don't!!

ramsam said...

Okay- so I am not really a croc fan either. I see that the majority of MOMS here seem to think it's okay if I break the 'rules' once in a while. I swear, I like to be fashionable when possible, and I LOVE buying heels.... but these babies... well, they have taken me miles and helped me make it through the stuff moms do. Until I find an equal, they stay. (But I will admit- at soccer pictures today a few moms showed up dressed to the nines. I wanted to hide my feet)

And at my defense- my sister that laughed with me about this has a pair of fuzzy clogs she uses on the same days... she says they are a necessity, as well!

Kristen said...

I love practicality, so a good pair of comfort shoes are totally in order. Sorry to say, mine are crocs :0