Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today I got freaky

First off, let me start by saying I wore very cute black heeled boots today while out and about. Please don't judge me by the chunky shoes below.

I was up last night watching analysts discuss our current state of Government buy outs. It made me actually sick.

Have you read Atlas Shrugged? Have you ever heard how most communist bodies gain control of the people they govern? It is by convincing the people they can not do it themselves. By slowly overtaking the corporations (banks and automobiles, anyone?) and dictating the products, standards, and distribution well.... they are in control. This bothers me.

I saw a Congressman beg people to write their Senator. Tell them freedom and democracy is important. Tell them socialism is not the answer. When I woke up today I attended a 9-11 memorial with a friend.... (who happened to be in Pennsylvania when 9-11 happened and lost friends in the towers). I came home and sat down and e-mailed Orrin Hatch. I have never done that before. Then, I e-mailed my friends in my contact list urged them to do the same. I am sure they think I have lost it.

I do not want to be political (too late), but I at least feel better knowing my voice has spoken.

Has yours?


Adam and Kristina said...

I have to admit, I tend to not get involved in stuff like this very much. I really need to. Good for you!

Jillene said...

I have e-mailed and snail mailed Orrin Hatch over a number of things. My dad always taught us to be involved in politics and to have a voice and to be heard.

Good for you e-mailing Orrin! I am glad you have used your right to be heard!!

Brittany said...

Did I tell you that I only have frumpy shoes? I just thought I'd tell you that. :p

Anyway, that is so weird that you brought up Atlas Shrugged. Que has been reading that and he really likes it. I love the title and what it means, I think I'll have to give the book a go. There are definite parallels.

The Raybould Family said...

I bet my husband would like that book....

I agree, I don't like that more and more the government feels that we are too stupid to govern ourselves and our finances and feel they need to step in. I hope your heard.

*MARY* said...

Hi I've seen your comments on a few of my e-bff's blogs and thought I'd stop by.
I lived in a communist country for three years and am so grateful for all the freedoms we enjoy. For a while my blog was actually blocked in China and my husbands family couldn't see all the pictures and stuff because they are SO controlling over there. Nothing can be owned everything is "borrowed" from the government.

ramsam said...

Yay Brittany! I am not alone in frumpy shoes!

Jillene- my dad was very passionate, but I never saw him act on it, which is why this is a big deal for me! I need to teach my kids like you learned- that is such a gift.

Mary- thx for stopping and sharing- I need to peek at your blog! I'd love to hear more about your experience...

and yes, Atlas Shrugged (I swear- so long) is the most eye opening book ever. I applaud that book. It changed my life.

CB2 said...

I was in an emil exchange with a few politicians once or twice, they email back more the closer to an election year, but most of the time I disgust myself with my own apathy... good job.

I went to a local republican convention, or primary, or whatever it was called a while ago, I got a little scared and haven't been back. Why is it that most people who care enough to try to make a difference are too often the ones I really don't want speaking for me? eek

Again, I drown in apathy and have no grounds for complaint.

Rindee said...

I haven't even heard of that book before, but I'll have to check it out. I've been worried about this for awhile now, but it just seems to be getting worse and more "in your face". I'm afraid that so many don't see what is actually happening. Just taking it all in stride. But where is this path taking us? Is it really where we want to go?
Funny that we posted on the same topic on the same day. (Twilight Zone Theme Song Entered Here)