Monday, September 8, 2008

I am offically tagged

(and yes, by the way, I painted that picture as a child)

This tag is for 6 completely random facts about ME that most people do not know. I was tagged by CB2 at the link

(which I highly recommend- amazing life affirming stories sprinkled with honesty and sarcasm. MMMMMM- my favorite)Here we go:

1- I think my teeth are too short. I have huge issues with this, and feel secret tooth envy anytime I meet someone with long front teeth.

2- I can read How the Grinch Stole Christmas with cadence, accents, voices and conviction. I have always wished I could be a story time teller at the library- or better yet- Timpanogas Story Telling Festival- which I have never actually been to, but I am pretty sure I'd be awesome if they let me take the stage.

3-I dance while I do the dishes with my Ipod on. I have some sweet moves, and back in my dancing days was told many a time I could bust it in the Soul Room. I relive this coolness often. Mike does not appreciate it.

4-I hate the feeling of clean towels that haven't been properly softened. There is something about the crunchy feeling of the towel on the edge of my fingertips that makes me crazy. We go through Downy AND Bounce sheets like they're going out of style.

5-I love to read the bottles of everything around me in the tub. I love the descriptions, the promises, the scents, and if I can figure out the English to French translation by the way a word looks I will even try to say it to myself. All this fun while soaking in the tub.... you should try it.

6- I feel really grossed out when I see 70's film and photos. I am not sure why- the weird orange tint, the greens and browns everywhere, the beards and long hair, the greasy skin, the look of the synthetic fabrics... it all makes me queasy, and I kid you not, I can not eat if there is anything 70's on TV. I may need therapy for that one.

NOW I am tagging Tiff in Blue, Shannon, Annette, Christy, Ashley, Teresa and Kristina. Like Cb2 I tagged 7- so if one of you doesn't do it the others may catch your fall.

but you will feel so guilty if you don't do it, right?


Shannon said...

Oh...I love it.
And I love your 6 facts. What's funny is how many I relate to/agree with. Now I'll get to thinking :)

Miss Tiff said...

I love this post. That is too funny about your teeth envy! even though you've got beautiful, straight, white teeth.

Oh and guess what? I read the shampoo bottles too and always try to translate the French words that look similar! Too funny@

What does the tag mean? I don't get that part! I'm so out of the loop.

CB2 said...

Great job.... I love it when people admit their little insanities.

I LOVE the pics of the boys on the side, those are new or I am really unobservant....

Connley looks 25 years old!

Adam and Kristina said...

I've never even thought about the teeth too short thing. Very funny.

You know, I realized that I did a tag like this, when I first started blogging, when it was only like 2 people reading. I will have to find it to share with you. I did 10 things. :)

Adam and Kristina said...

OK, here's the one I did a while ago. This totally counts, right?

ramsam said...

Yes... totally counts... I answered, but for those that are following comments they might want to see your link, too. Very witty, girl!

Jillene said...

We are so kindred spirits! I also read the bottles in the bathroom! I even so it when I am on the pot. Crazy!

I also have to have soft towels and go through downy and bounce like crazy!

That is too funny! I loved all of your other things--I would LOVE to check out those sweet dance moves!

Brittany said...

First of all, thank you for putting Beautiful Day as your 1st song on your playlist. Ahhhh.... My Bono. :)

I have short teeth too! *Short Teeth High Five*!

I also share your dislike for 70s photos. Where did that pink/orange tint come from? It looks like everyone was photographed in a sunset. And the porn 'staches and the powder blue suits. Wedding photos are the worst/funniest. Que's dad had some serious sideburns.

The Raybould Family said...

I read bottles as well. I dance while I clean also. I also use ample amounts of fabric softener. Yeah!

Tiffany Fairbanks said... I am finally catching up on my blog-stalking and I the Tiff in blue?