Sunday, September 7, 2008

Every Day

I found an article in SELF magazine this month (I am a magazine whore- just accept it, my husband has) that was all about making lists. The article was interesting and had a few lists for the reader to fill out. Today I am answering this one.

Every day, I would like to.........

1. Feel loved, literally. I am talking a hug, cuddle, or kiss. I call this 'connecting' and I miss it when I don't get it. This also means I have made someone else feel loved, too.

2. Learn something. It doesn't have to be big. Maybe a scripture, or a quote, or a trick to help my flowers bloom , or a fact from a book..... anything.... just something to remind me how small I am in this big world, and how great it is to learn about it.

3. Improve my surroundings. I am sick of just treading water, barely keeping up with the laundry and hand prints. I wish I were more motivated to actually make a difference. It could be to organize a closet, or hang a picture, or help at the school..... but these little acts of productivity are not happening NEAR enough in my daily life.

4. Laugh with someone. I love story telling, I love listening to stories, I love well written funny dialogue and funny memos (and blogs). If I can make someone laugh I am feeling pretty dang fine, and some of my best friends that have lasted my lifetime are friends that laughed with me beyond the crying. A sense of humor is a necessity in this world. I have to laugh every day.

Maybe a crazy list of lofty goals? Perhaps... but just writing these few things down almost feels like a challenge to start making them happen. Every Single Day.

PS- in writing this list tonight I learned how to properly use the Spell Check feature. #2 completed. Wait- I also did # 1, and #4.

I did the dishes- but I am not counting that as #3. It needs to be above and beyond, and today I can't even put new light bulbs in. It is getting kind of dark in here.......


ramsam said...

If you are so obliged, you can add the Every Day I Would Like To...(4 items) to your blog.
It isn't such a bad tag, is it?

Adam and Kristina said...

Great pic!

I think these are all great, admirable things!

And I too am a self-proclaimed magazine whore. Too bad you weren't around for my last giveaway. It was for a year subscription to US Weekly, or the Ensign. Tough call.

Jillene said...

I love the idea of setting some goals to better myself. I try to do it but I guess I am a slacker.

I am a magazing whore too! I love, love, love magazines. If I could read magazines all day I would be one happy and content chick!

The Raybould Family said...

I love magazines. I like the gossip one's, fashion, fitness, basically anything with pictures and illustrations. haha....

I start school today! Oopse... I'm late

Oh, and I really like your list. I think it's great and it shows what type of person you are. A lot of those things have to do with other people :)

ramsam said...

JUst in case anyone is checking, I changed 4 lightbulbs this afternoon.

Wendyburd1 said...

I am a rag mag junkie! Although I do have a list of priority ones, I must have Soap Opera Digest, People and TV Guide above all, each week. I love US Weekly, and tend to buy Life&Style too which is basically US but a different magazine...with the same stuff but it's still so good!
I found you thru Kristina's list of blogs, as I am looking for some good blog buddies as I told her, and I love to laugh, it is medicine I could truly use everyday, since life has thrown me some difficult tests. And I also love lists...I have started many a list...okay but them completing them I suck at. Unless it's a packing list and I let my OCD take over and am often packed for vacation 1 month ahead of time...but at least I'm ready right?