Monday, September 22, 2008

Nurturing my Marital Status

Yep. I've really done it now. I decided to read this book by Dr. Laura- the "let me interupt you and tell it like it is in a totally witchy way" lady. (Can't listen to her becasue of the previously mentioned habit).
My sister in law had this book, and a freind had told me a year ago how it changed her perspective towards herself as a wife. I have wanted to read it, and now the pangs of gulit are stabbing me hard.

Think of it as this (I will summarize for you). 1- Make good food and look nice for your husband. 2-Give him lots of lovin' whenever he needs it. 3- He, then in return, will take care of you forever. Kind of like an eternal sugar daddy.
I am not at all opposed to this concept. The thing this book is doing though, is making me realize the truth us ladies have known all along. A good man is hard to find.

Well guess what... I have a good man. I have a great man. Why do I get mad if he doesn't take out the garbage quickly? WHy do I roll my eyes if he wants me to snuggle on the couch? Why do I act....ummmm, can I say it, his mother some days? NO MORE!!!
I am going to "little wife" him so much he will think he is the luckiest man alive. Little cute texts? Sending them. Compliments? Giving them (not hard for me, he is a very hard worker.) Lovin? Consider me the gal.
Dr. Laura- I may hate the way you cut off your callers, but this book is the best reminder for a housewife like me, who tends to forget what a great thing a marriage is. Consider your point taken.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go straighten my bed and check to see if it is time to recolor my hair....little gray hairs so not sexy!


Jillene said...

I guess I better read that. I have one of the good ones too--I am very lucky. A lot of my friends have schmucks for husbands--so sad.

Don't you just HATE the gray hair? I have A LOT so I have to get my hair colored every 5 weeks--lucky me!

ramsam said...

Yea- my hair is dark, so there is no hiding it.... it is time!

Mirror check confirms it

Kristina P. said...

I have an amazing husband too, but I already know that. I don't need Dr. Schmuck to tell me that. I really can't stand her.

Isn't this the book where she also says that you should have sex with your husband whenever he wants and you should never say no? Excellent.

Brittany said...

Hmmm... I don't understand. Is that really what the book says?

Jillene said...

I honestly don't know who she is..Dr. Laura anyway.

Uuuummmm....if I had to have sex with my husband whenever he wants it that would mean I would be doing it 42 times a day! NO thanks! He thinks we need to do it in the middle of the day and just lock the bedroom door--very romantic with kids pounding on the door and screaming at you.

We have to tell them no sometimes! I think I have changed my mind about reading the book!

Whitney said...

Hmmm... I already treat Jaren pretty good. Although, I could keep his house a bit more clean. Iron ALL of his 10 white church shirts that are just sitting there, wrinkled. Other than that. I think I'm doing a great job!

Considering I can't have his babies till he says so.

*MARY* said...

My mom owns this book and loves it but ummm... (I hope she doesn't read this comment) I really don't want my marriage to be like hers.

Christy said...

I have to say that I hate this book. We read it for book group and I rolled my eyes through the whole thing, meeting included. And yes, I felt that it was saying you should have sex with your husband whenever he asks. I felt that this book was extremely sexist. It seemed that she was telling you how to manipulate your husband to get what you want out of him. That he's not your best friend, don't cry on his shoulder and vent to him, he doesn't care. Just let him be and your marriage will be perfect.
Sorry Dr. Laura, but that's just not how it goes in my house. My husband is not a nit wit, he knows when he's being manipulated, and sex is not a weapon meant to be used to manipulate your spouse. Not that it's not done every so often, but all the time!
Also, my husband is my best friend and I do cry on his shoulder and vent my frustrations to him, it's what brings us closer. He is the only person who knows all of me. After all, he is my eternal companion.

Sorry for the rant and super long comment but I really hate that women and her ideas!

On the other hand, if this book makes you realize how great of a husband you have I guess it can't be 100% bad.

FitToSeeJane said...

First, about the haircolor, If you have dark hair like mine, (and I know you do) In a pinch before church or a date you can touch the roots up with a little dark brown mascara. I made this up, and it works.
Second... before I got married I read a quote by a church leader about 40 year old women, the jist was when you hit this age, turn over a leaf and try to be the things your husband would love. By this time your kids won't be as demanding, so change your hair or style, or take up a sport or do something like that. I remember my cheeks burning with anger when I read that. I thought it was sexist, demoralizing, etc. But now that I'm a 40 year old woman, I think it's actually pretty good advice. I've lost weight, try not to looks so frumpy, I jog, I try to do more art and be more fun...all the things he thought he was getting in the first place. I'm far from being a Stepford Wife, but I love him, and I like myself better now too.

Kristina P. said...

OK, I'm back to open up my big mouth.

Another reason I don't like Dr. Laura, and it's the same thing with Dr. Phil, is that neither of them are licensed to practice therapy anymore, and yet, they present themselves as such.

Both of their licenses have been inactive for years and years.

OK, I'm done.

Wendy said...

OK, blog stalking you from Kristina's blog. I HATE Dr. Laura, and I HATE the title of this book, but I read it a few years ago, and really liked it, I am a nag! it made me realize things I did, I was a great wife for a few months, then bad habits started back up!! but reading your post is a good reminder I need to be sweeter!!!

ramsam said...

I need to say that I love it when books get a mixed response and there is so much to discuss. *THX*

FittoseeJane it is true- I have more time to myself w/ kids in school and have started running, and I think this book, so far, is just giving me a little push to be 'that woman' again.

Very interesting about her (and Dr. Phil's) liscense. I think it would be nice to keep your license active... but that is just me. She is so mean on her show I can hardly stand her- but like one post said, if this book makes you appreciate your husband a little more can it be all bad? I am still reading it.... so the verdict is still out.

I will say this- I read parts of to my hubby and he said "oh honey, you don't even need to read that book.." ahhhh *so sweet*. Just the fact that he said that proves I DO!~

annette said...

talk about opening a can of worms!!! I haven't read this. but heard alot of mixed reactions. I have been married to a great guy for over 19 years so I must be doing somthing right.

Shelile said...

i loved this book. it opened my eyes in a lot of areas. in fact even reading your post made me want to send a cute little text right on over to my husband.