Monday, September 29, 2008

My blogging eyes are opened

I started noticing cute and funny blogs. I started commenting. People read my comments and came to say hi. Now blogging is a part of my life, my networking, my therapy in the grown-up world, almost as soothing as knowing I alone will get to lick the bowl by myself.

Anyway, I am on va-cay this week in the New England states (stop! I know....) and so I am letting you in a super blogging tradition. It is Kristina P and her here for her current contest.

I won't give it all away, but it is something very yummy covered with frosting. She is celebrating 20,000 hits. I did a dance the day I got 200. It is all good. Your prize was not witnessing my wicked moves.

And I have learned some really cool things and can't wait to show you great pics of me squinting in the rain with frizzy hair that was once straightened in front of historical mansions and such. You can't wait....but you will have to.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Bag is the Best Part!

Let me start by saying this. I know that life is hard sometimes and unexpected (below post). But sometimes simple small things can make a person very happy.....or very irritated.

Take shopping bags, for instance. You know how great it is to walk through the mall with two or three cute little tote sacks hanging from your greedily clutched fists? (dillard's alert everyone-ugly bags equals less shopping there. *ick*) Of course! Every woman gets this! Imagine my horror today when I went into Bath and Body to use a coupon and buy an airline approved size lotion for my trip this weekend, and was totally cheated out of the famous TOTE.

I purchased room oil, spray scents, purse size lotion, and got a free full size lotion (Midnight Pomegranate, in case your are wondering). The cute little lady proceeded to SHOVE my purchases into a plastic bag no larger then a Ziploc. To make matters worse, she wrapped the oils in a huge wad of paper and then forced it into the bag.

When she handed me the receipt it would not fit in the bag. I made a very furious attempt to push it in, hoping she would say "oh! Let me get you a bigger bag!" but no. This girl was cold as ice. She did not even care that the girl next to her was handing HUGE totes to everyone with a smile while she happily stepped around the counter side. My girl did NO stepping. I will never go in that Orem shop again! The handles were stretched, the bag was ripping, and I still had shopping to do. Pleeeez!

I love shopping bags. I save them. I re-use them. I leave them with the tissue poofing out by my bedside for months to remind me of my shopping experience. This stupid plastic thing? I threw it away the moment I got home. Way to go and ruin the environment!

I took a picture, but my camera died before I could get it to later. But take my word for it. This was not the way Bath and Body was meant to be!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How do you Blog Something like this....

Last night I was resting on the couch, enjoying my husband's company, when our phone rang. His 23 year old nephew was in a car accident that killed him instantly. The pale look on Mike's face, the pit in my stomach, the feeling that it just all a weird dream...all of those things took over. We are also on 'cell phone' duty- returning texts he received yesterday and answering to tell people the news. Mike has done a great job of that and didn't want his mom to have to deal with it.

Mike's parents have been taking care of this nephew since his mother (Mike's sister Carrie) died of cancer almost 3 years ago. He has always struggled and really leaned on my in-laws, and my mother in law promised Carrie she would watch over him and give him the help he needs. This is so hard for her, he was working graveyard shift at the grocery store and then driving, earning extra money and trying to make a life for himself. My mother in law is taking this so personal and this boy's dad has struggled with depression since he lost his wife. This puts a greater burden on those around him, and his brother he left behind. A family of four is now a family of two.

I have to look at it all and be reminded of the bigger picture. He had been visiting the cemetery and saying he missed his mom....the family is- as expected-pulling together. We are asking ourselves what we can learn from this, and feeling the peace that comes with knowing he is with his mother, who was so close to him during his life.

I don't want to be a downer and debated whether I should even post today, but how can I not? How can I not remind myself (and you) that life is precious, and that everything we have and experience is such a gift. The shock of an unexpected death is so surreal, but then the peace that comes when you ponder our true existence beyond this can not be explained.....I just wanted to let my feelings out and share this today. They have asked me to sing "Angels" at the funeral...I am not sure how you get through a song like this, it fits his little struggle through life so well...I am extremely honored but very overwhelmed.

Every day is a gift~ and there are greater forces around us at all times, and I hope I can be aware of that and do what I need to do.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nurturing my Marital Status

Yep. I've really done it now. I decided to read this book by Dr. Laura- the "let me interupt you and tell it like it is in a totally witchy way" lady. (Can't listen to her becasue of the previously mentioned habit).
My sister in law had this book, and a freind had told me a year ago how it changed her perspective towards herself as a wife. I have wanted to read it, and now the pangs of gulit are stabbing me hard.

Think of it as this (I will summarize for you). 1- Make good food and look nice for your husband. 2-Give him lots of lovin' whenever he needs it. 3- He, then in return, will take care of you forever. Kind of like an eternal sugar daddy.
I am not at all opposed to this concept. The thing this book is doing though, is making me realize the truth us ladies have known all along. A good man is hard to find.

Well guess what... I have a good man. I have a great man. Why do I get mad if he doesn't take out the garbage quickly? WHy do I roll my eyes if he wants me to snuggle on the couch? Why do I act....ummmm, can I say it, his mother some days? NO MORE!!!
I am going to "little wife" him so much he will think he is the luckiest man alive. Little cute texts? Sending them. Compliments? Giving them (not hard for me, he is a very hard worker.) Lovin? Consider me the gal.
Dr. Laura- I may hate the way you cut off your callers, but this book is the best reminder for a housewife like me, who tends to forget what a great thing a marriage is. Consider your point taken.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go straighten my bed and check to see if it is time to recolor my hair....little gray hairs so not sexy!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Have I gone Mad?

It's been SEVEN days and 11 hours since I had one of these. (Dang, that looks good!), but who's counting?
Not exactly on purpose, I somehow have quite drinking Diet Coke. Mike has humored me by running with me, as I am a self proclaimed "beginning runner", and he feels it is time to clean up our diet. He informed me I needed to "make him eat healthy". The strange thing is, as he turns down the cookies and candy and brownies I make, he is making ME want to do better.
One week of this- he lost 8 pounds. EIGHT pounds. I lost ONE. I am not giving up. Something about the bloatedness and grandma looking legs has finally gotten to me. I have not had a coke for over a week.
Lest you think I am righteously sustained let me remind you, Crystal Light Focus has plenty of caffeine to get me through the afternoon (yum), but no carbonation.
I have no idea if this is for real. I have no idea why I drive past the Texaco with my re-fill mug and don't stop for a quick burst of icy pleasure. I just haven't. Maybe Obama is is time for CHANGE. Like a politician's promise, however, I must ask..... how long will this last?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spontaneous Trips and Low Expectations

This was taken a couple of years ago during a trip to the Grand Canyon. Rv-ing is fun, I will admit, but when your husband decides we MUST get in a trip and school is in and clients are coming is it really that fun?

See, Mike had to travel the night of Father's and Sons (best church program EVER) and my little Parker actually cried over missing it. Daddy promised a trailer trip before the year was through.....thus, we are going up the canyon TODAY. (but MOM gets to go. Hooray for me!)
We already disagreed on location (I wanted hook-ups, pavement is more important to him) and time ( I wanted another week entirely). I lost both arguments. So, with NO MEALS planned (I told him to decide what he wants. He said TIN DIN's every night), and NOTHING in the trailer- we are heading out.
To ease your grief for me I will remind you, I will be HOME every morning to send my kids off to school and work a couple clients in. There is food, clothing, and lots of sugary cereal in my house, so we can grab what we need and get ready for the day.
At best, this could turn into a great family time with walks, talks, laughter and love (think LDS commercial meets Go Maybe I can sit by the campfire and enjoy my book. At worst, we will freeze at night, the kids will be bored (no TV) and fight, and whine over burnt hamburger meat in tin foil (think Griswold's and Chevy Chase).
Any guesses on how it will be?

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's all about Personal Space

Space is very important, is it not? Breathing space, speaking space, room in the aisles at the grocery store. (Macey's fails this test).
What about the space around your yard? I know that the streets are legally public property, but in the 13 years of owning my home I have enjoyed having the curb around my driveway clear. My sweet husband pulls up, parks his truck under the tree, and all is well. Occasionally a client will enjoy the shade of our large tree as they park for their appointment. It is a beautiful space.
Lately someone has moved in on that precious peace of curbing. A silver car, parked early in the morning hours- it sits until 6:00 at night. Every time I walk past my window I wonder if I have a client I didn't know about. My morning of chaos spent running around in my underwear is no longer an option... is someone out there? Are people parking and looking in my window?
Of course, no one is stalking me. I happen to live across the street from a bus stop. The homes around the bus stop are a little trashy. My yard and tree look appealing. I feel very possessive every time I look out there..... that is MY PIECE OF STREET! But a nice young gentleman is parking here and walking to the bus stop, and disappearing for the day.
This has happened almost every day now for about 3 weeks. Tonight I took matters into my hands. I pulled out of my driveway and parked under my pretty tree. I am revealing my colors....a true mean girl who believes possession is nine tenths of the law. I don't know how long I will have to park there to claim my stake of land, but I am ready. I don't care about gas prices. I don't care about carbon footprints. I care about my space, my tree, my view from the window, my sitting at the table without a car next to me.
Yes. I am a selfish girl. And maybe a bit paranoid, too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I really feel stupid

These things are driving me nuts. I have a hard enough time typing in the words I know, let alone the gibberish that is word verification.

They say it is like for protection, but wouldn't it be kind of cool if some random computer DID leave you like, a zillion comments? I finally have had comments break into the teens. That was a big moment for me.

I have been rejected so many times on this screen....... you have no idea.

And sometimes, they are like- 8 or 9 letters long. I suck at it. I am bound to re-type. Sometimes, too, you can't tell if it is 2 v's or 1 w. I'm just saying......

Beside the no 'edit' option for comments, this is really causing me grief. But that is a typing issues, too. Maybe it is time for a keyboarding class. When I took 'Typing' in high school we had super COOL electric typewriters (no computers to be seen anywhere), and there was a little white ribbon that would strike over your last letter so you could erase your typo.

I went through rolls and rolls of those ribbons.

So I am just letting you know;

word verification=total waste of time.

Private Pity Party

I don't know what is up today, but I am in a big time funk.

Let me clarify- I tend to get a bit stressed on weekends, just because that is the way I function on Sundays for no apparent reason, but today I woke up overwhelmed.

My boys drug there feet all morning ( one of them triggered the yell/swear/throw socks reaction from me) and I was not in a place to handle it. I went running and made the mistake of 'just checking' the scale today. Up 2 pounds. Nice.

I tried to organize a 'book basket' in our front room- now I have piles of books and garbage to sort all over the front room, with a few baskets of laundry thrown in to the mix.

My sweet hubby called to warn me he won't be home tonight , like we had planned. Rain is delaying his work in Colorado, so my kids will be babysitting themselves (I have a few things going on) tonight and tomorrow morning, which of course, equals MORE MESS. I set down my blow dryer this morning and sobbed into a towel. At this point I am praying it is PMS- because otherwise I have lost my mind.

I know I am healthy. I know I am blessed. I know I am lucky.... but sometimes you just kind of want a pity party.

I am having one today.
You are all invited.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today I got freaky

First off, let me start by saying I wore very cute black heeled boots today while out and about. Please don't judge me by the chunky shoes below.

I was up last night watching analysts discuss our current state of Government buy outs. It made me actually sick.

Have you read Atlas Shrugged? Have you ever heard how most communist bodies gain control of the people they govern? It is by convincing the people they can not do it themselves. By slowly overtaking the corporations (banks and automobiles, anyone?) and dictating the products, standards, and distribution well.... they are in control. This bothers me.

I saw a Congressman beg people to write their Senator. Tell them freedom and democracy is important. Tell them socialism is not the answer. When I woke up today I attended a 9-11 memorial with a friend.... (who happened to be in Pennsylvania when 9-11 happened and lost friends in the towers). I came home and sat down and e-mailed Orrin Hatch. I have never done that before. Then, I e-mailed my friends in my contact list urged them to do the same. I am sure they think I have lost it.

I do not want to be political (too late), but I at least feel better knowing my voice has spoken.

Has yours?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Totally What not to Wear

I know, I know..... these shoes are a staple in the lives of Utah mommies everywhere..... and last night I dug mine out of my closet and wore them out. Keep in mind, these in the picture are actually the cool Born brand.... mine were a knock off buy at Payless, at least 5 years ago. They are scufffed and worn, and slide on like a warm friendly glove.

I saw an episode of What not to Wear where the mom had the EXACT pair. To my horror Stacy and Clinton had the biggest laugh over them. I believe names like "sheep herder" and "clod hoppers" were involved.

My sister Krisi called me... "Those are YOUR shoes!" We laughed and laughed and I told her maybe it is time to throw them away.... but I never did. They are SOOOOO easy to slip on and off. I love these shoes.

Now it is fall in Utah. What does Stacy expect of a girl like me. I am wearing comfy jeans and a hoodie out and about. It is raining, muddy, and there are smushed leaves on the ground. Am I going to wear heels to the soccer game? I think not. Ballet Flats? Give me a break- the top of my foot would freeze. Tennis Shoes? Do I want to look like Jerry Seinfield- or better yet- a senior citizen on vacation? What's a girl to do? My cute Sketchers are so thin I can't wear socks with them, and the back of my jeans drag when I wear them. I am sorry- but a woman has got to be practical some days.

I have been shopping to look for an alternative many times. Anything that catches my eye looks like what I am already wearing. So for now, Stacy and Clinton can just shove it. I am wearing these loafers with pride.
The best $12.99 I have spent 5 years.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I am offically tagged

(and yes, by the way, I painted that picture as a child)

This tag is for 6 completely random facts about ME that most people do not know. I was tagged by CB2 at the link

(which I highly recommend- amazing life affirming stories sprinkled with honesty and sarcasm. MMMMMM- my favorite)Here we go:

1- I think my teeth are too short. I have huge issues with this, and feel secret tooth envy anytime I meet someone with long front teeth.

2- I can read How the Grinch Stole Christmas with cadence, accents, voices and conviction. I have always wished I could be a story time teller at the library- or better yet- Timpanogas Story Telling Festival- which I have never actually been to, but I am pretty sure I'd be awesome if they let me take the stage.

3-I dance while I do the dishes with my Ipod on. I have some sweet moves, and back in my dancing days was told many a time I could bust it in the Soul Room. I relive this coolness often. Mike does not appreciate it.

4-I hate the feeling of clean towels that haven't been properly softened. There is something about the crunchy feeling of the towel on the edge of my fingertips that makes me crazy. We go through Downy AND Bounce sheets like they're going out of style.

5-I love to read the bottles of everything around me in the tub. I love the descriptions, the promises, the scents, and if I can figure out the English to French translation by the way a word looks I will even try to say it to myself. All this fun while soaking in the tub.... you should try it.

6- I feel really grossed out when I see 70's film and photos. I am not sure why- the weird orange tint, the greens and browns everywhere, the beards and long hair, the greasy skin, the look of the synthetic fabrics... it all makes me queasy, and I kid you not, I can not eat if there is anything 70's on TV. I may need therapy for that one.

NOW I am tagging Tiff in Blue, Shannon, Annette, Christy, Ashley, Teresa and Kristina. Like Cb2 I tagged 7- so if one of you doesn't do it the others may catch your fall.

but you will feel so guilty if you don't do it, right?

Not Again!

Well, I guess we can celebrate that we made it 2 months without a broken window. This morning I was doing my dishes as the kids were loading up their back packs for the day.

Hayden was complaining about his sore finger (I had already applied a fresh band-aid to the scratch), probably to get out of going to school today.

Parker started in with the teasing by quoting from "Charlie Bit Me" on You Tube.... "Ouch!" he mimicked in a surprisingly good English accent..." really hurts, and it's still hurting!"

Sadly I will admit, as usual , I tuned this all out. If I let this register, it would simply drive me to drink. The next thing I heard was shattering glass. Hayden had thrown his shoe at Parker, who dodged it, scooped it up, and threw it back. It went over Hayden's head and into my front window- right beside my front door. Please refer to this post for the broken window, right next to it.

What does this mean? Should I be mad (I am) should I be happy- Parker loves sports- obviously he has a good arm..... should I get in my car and drive away? Here I am wanting to improve things (read below post) and they are destroying them.

To top it off I called Mike to tell him and ..... he laughed. He apparently understands boys better than I do. Sometimes I wonder why I bother!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Every Day

I found an article in SELF magazine this month (I am a magazine whore- just accept it, my husband has) that was all about making lists. The article was interesting and had a few lists for the reader to fill out. Today I am answering this one.

Every day, I would like to.........

1. Feel loved, literally. I am talking a hug, cuddle, or kiss. I call this 'connecting' and I miss it when I don't get it. This also means I have made someone else feel loved, too.

2. Learn something. It doesn't have to be big. Maybe a scripture, or a quote, or a trick to help my flowers bloom , or a fact from a book..... anything.... just something to remind me how small I am in this big world, and how great it is to learn about it.

3. Improve my surroundings. I am sick of just treading water, barely keeping up with the laundry and hand prints. I wish I were more motivated to actually make a difference. It could be to organize a closet, or hang a picture, or help at the school..... but these little acts of productivity are not happening NEAR enough in my daily life.

4. Laugh with someone. I love story telling, I love listening to stories, I love well written funny dialogue and funny memos (and blogs). If I can make someone laugh I am feeling pretty dang fine, and some of my best friends that have lasted my lifetime are friends that laughed with me beyond the crying. A sense of humor is a necessity in this world. I have to laugh every day.

Maybe a crazy list of lofty goals? Perhaps... but just writing these few things down almost feels like a challenge to start making them happen. Every Single Day.

PS- in writing this list tonight I learned how to properly use the Spell Check feature. #2 completed. Wait- I also did # 1, and #4.

I did the dishes- but I am not counting that as #3. It needs to be above and beyond, and today I can't even put new light bulbs in. It is getting kind of dark in here.......

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birds and Bees and Christmas Trees

Is it just me, or is something wrong with a world where we must discuss the birds and bees with our children while they are still young enough to be a believer at Christmas.
My dear husband insisted on having the "Santa Talk" with Hayden, remembering (maybe scarred by) kids teasing 'believers' in 4th grade.
I, of course, was against this. I want to believe they believe, and we all stay young together.
Last night he left a note with his tooth under his pillow requesting 'extra' money from the Tooth Fairy. This is not the first time he has left this request. Mike looked at me, holding the note in the wee hours of the night, and said "It's time."
Much to my surprise, Hayden giggled (like a kid) through the entire discussion. He laughed at the idea of being in on a new secret, and is excited to even sneak out of bed on Dec 24th and try his hand at 'elfing'. He also insisted he 'already knew'.
Well, if that is case, then I can not mourn the loss of yet another believer in my house.
At least now he will understand why Santa has never brought him a million dollars all those times he asked. Maybe growing up isn't so bad after all.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

15 years of Laundry

Today marks my 15th anniversary. It feels strange because it really is just another day- including a phone call to calm down an unruly child who wouldn't listen before school.
I thought I might get on and say 15 great things about my husband, but they would all be pretty sappy like: I love that you tuck me in and kiss me while I am still sleeping every morning when you leave for work ;-)
so you can see, no one wants to read all of that. I'll save it for the Halmark.

Instead I am making a pledge. I pledge to do extra loads of laundry today. I promise, for anyone who knows me, this is a big deal. We have had more fights and hurt feelings over laundry than any other domestic issue. So today, in honor of our marriage, I will wash, fold, AND put away.

I was going to pledge to 15 loads... but hey... we must be realistic here. It's not like this is THAT big of a deal.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My TV tips for YOU

If you don't get the Fox Business network, here is the link to my phone call on the show.

Complete with my nephews head bouncing around and me and my sisters sighing. A few TV tips to you from me;

Don't say "you know" before everything. Like, "You know Dave, I am all about money..." Do I say that a lot when I talk? (Why didn't I notice before?)

Don't sniff. I do this a lot, so I blew my nose REALLY well before the call connected to Dave and after that I let it drip. I didn't notice a lot of sniffling, and that made me happy.

Don't be sad if your voice sounds dorky. I thought I'd be so clever and funny, but in reality, I am just another dorky caller excited to talk to a man who has convinced them to stop spending money. (Does that even make sense?)

Enjoy the moment of glory. Dave said I was "taking control of my destiny". I'll take that as a compliment.